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Patient Testimonials

Connected and Ready to Serve!

❝I was very fortunate to have Dr. Adam as my clinician at Life University, and he was the best! Every adjustment was so gentle and specific; he did a great job addressing my needs for care and was always happy to answer my questions. He is thorough, attentive, and at every visit he was so connected and ready to serve. Dr. Adam is an exceptional chiropractor and I will always be thankful for the care I received from him.❞
Taylor D.

Increased My Health and Happiness!

❝I saw Dr. Michelle twice a week for six months for chronic neck pain and headaches. While I was seeing her, my symptoms were dramatically reduced, leading to an increase in my overall health and happiness. Her positive energy and friendly personality, put me at ease and made me feel exceedingly comfortable. Dr. Michelle genuinely cares for each and every person she comes into contact with, and I would recommend her!❞
Max L.

You'll Be in Wonderful Hands!

❝I started seeing Dr. Michelle for the debilitating headaches that I would get very frequently. They interfered with my studies and quality of life. Dr. Michelle always listened and made me feel comfortable.
She is a very smooth adjuster and helped decrease the severity and frequency of the headaches. I was so sad to stop seeing her because I moved to a different state. I highly recommend that everyone get their spines checked with Dr. Michelle, you'll be in wonderful hands!❞

Riley A.

Your Health and Life Will Change for The Better!

❝Dr. Adam was my clinician at Life University and made for such a warm, elevating experience! His energy was genuine, offering me insights to both the program and life. His hands also worked from day 1 being able to deliver quality adjustments, especially to my neck as due to the wear and tear from both studying and sports. I'm grateful to have crossed paths with Dr. Adam and recommend anyone to see him as your health and life will change for the better!❞
Jamal F.

Enjoying a Round of Golf!

❝Prior to seeking chiropractic care I regularly experienced lower back pain, mainly stiffness and discomfort. I am an avid golfer and I was really struggling with pain the day after a round. So, when I began my regiment with Dr. Adam, my main goal was to be pain-free after 18 holes. After 3 months of twice-a-week visits I am happy to say that Dr. Adam helped me to achieve my goal! Thanks to Dr. Adam I can once again enjoy a round of golf without having to worry about how my back will feel the next day. I could not be happier with the care I've received from Dr. Adam and I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone seeking relief from back pain, not just golfers!❞
Will S.

Improved Quality of Life!

❝I received care from Dr. Michelle for almost a year. Her adjustments and care helped eliminate my back pain, my heel pain, and improved the quality of my life. What I most appreciated was her sincere interest in my progress, and her efforts to apply the best techniques for my issues. I am so grateful for her effective, and gentle care.❞
Robert N.