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Who Wants to Win?

Who Wants to Win?Written by Dr. Adam Coats

We all want to win. I want to win. You want to win. Nobody likes to lose. I'm sure you've all heard the quote by Henry Grantland Rice that says, "It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." I humbly disagree. If that were the case, then nobody would keep score. Winning matters. How you play the game is important, don't get me wrong, but winning is just as important if not more important.

Winning is a deep human desire, we all have it in common. The only difference is how we keep score. Some people like to win at their job, on the basketball court, in the CrossFit gym, and others just love to win mentally. They feel the best and most fulfilled when their mindset is strong and their results show it. Everyone is playing to win, but not everyone is keeping the same score. Some people are keeping score by how many deals they close, how much money they have, how many awards they've won, how much power they have, how fast they can run a mile, how much weight they can bench press, how much love they have in their life, or how much spiritual fulfillment they have. The metric that we keep score by is relative, but the desire to win is the same.

In order to win, and win for a long time, you have to have a properly functioning spine and nervous system. The nervous system is the master control system of your entire body, it controls everything from your thoughts to your digestion. So whether you're trying to win in the office, on the field, or in the gym, having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system is a key component to helping you get that victory.

Unfortunately, interferences can occur in the nervous system causing a decrease in function. In our office, we analyze the spine for these inferences utilizing a variety of different techniques, and we remove these interreferences with the chiropractic care that we offer. This allows your body to function optimally.

Centenarians, 100 year old people and older, are the world's fastest growing population. Which means that you will probably live longer than you ever thought. Wouldn't you like to still be winning when you're 80, 90, 100 years old and beyond? Click the "Request an Appointment" link at the top of this page or give us a call if you want to win and keep winning for the long haul.

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