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Sweet Dreams

Sweet DreamsWritten by Dr. Adam Coats

The other day, a client of ours came in for her first progress exam. During the visit, she stated how much better sleep she has been getting since being under care in our office. She was ecstatic and explained, "I've been sleeping like the dead! I've always been a horrible sleeper, waking up multiple times throughout the night. But since I've been getting adjusted regularly, I'm sleeping straight through the night and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go, it's actually kind of scary!"

Crazy, right? Continue reading and you'll learn that it's really not that crazy at all.

Please consider for a moment just how important it is to get quality sleep. How long or stressful does the day feel after a night of restless sleep? It's difficult to achieve the normal levels of productivity, focus, and attention after a night without quality sleep. We make more mistakes, and are often forgetting our schedule or what we're supposed to be getting done that day. We feel more stressed because our body is exhausted and not managing our stress well, so we're usually grouchy towards our loved ones and causing issues in our relationships.

The truth is, it's difficult for us to get quality sleep when our bodies are constantly in a stressed state. In times of stress, our bodies release the hormone cortisol as a part of the fight or flight mechanism. When cortisol levels are high for extended periods of time, it's difficult to get in a relaxed state where quality sleep occurs. This is an issue because well all encounter stress on a regular basis. Therefore, it's difficult to get good quality sleep because cortisol, and other hormonal levels are imbalanced.

Although most of us deal with multiple stressors on a daily basis; business, finances, traffic, busy schedules, homework, and tests, to name a few, there are certain things we can do to manage stress in our lives. The most important of those being to make sure we have a healthy nervous system, the master control system of our entire body.

The presence of too much cortisol can cause improper movement of the joints of the spine, which results in interference to your nervous system. This comprises your body's ability to adapt, heal, and regulate it's daily functions – including the balancing of hormones. It's been shown that 90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain comes from proper movement of the spine.1 The adjustments we provide in our office restores proper movement to the joints of the spine, and helps reduce cortisol levels. By ensuring that your spine and nervous system are functioning properly, you're increasing your body's ability to adapt, heal, and regulate it's daily functions – including the balancing of hormones, i.e. the quality of sleep of you get on a regular basis.

Cultivating a healthier nervous system through every phase of life by utilizing Lifestyle Chiropractic Care will lead to increased quality of sleep, better focus and attention, and better relationships with those you love.

1 Sperry, Roger. Nobel Laureate. 1981

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