In today’s world, many of our children have worn out and stressed out immune systems. While many times we are told to look at the outside factors that make them sick, such as; holiday chaos, changes in routine, changes in weather, etc. the real issue is the body’s inability to adapt and fight back to stress.

There are three main factors that put stress on the nervous system, and therefore our immune system. After an extended period of time of these stressors building up, we start to see symptoms because our nervous system and immune system are worn out, exhausted, and fail to adapt.

The first of these factors is physical stress. Physical stress can include things like baby’s position in mom’s belly, stress from sitting in the car seat or baby carrier for extended periods of time, or trips and falls playing at recess with friends.

The second of these factors is chemical stress. These include toxins in the environment; pesticides or chemicals in our food, our clothing, and different hygiene products that we use on a daily basis.

The last of these factors is emotional stress. These include relationships at school, family dynamics at home, or difficult homework leaving our kids feeling like they’re dumb or not good enough.  

It’s important to be proactive instead of letting stress build up in the system and making us or our children sick. The human body is intelligent, and it is constantly fighting to adapt and keep us as healthy as possible. The following are some easy tips for boosting your child’s immune system!

Tip #1: Get enough sleep: Study after study has shown how important sleep is for our immune system and for our overall health. We all know someone who doesn’t get enough sleep, or good quality sleep, and that person is constantly sick and on some type of medication. That person also takes longer to recover when they are sick.

Tip #2: Get enough vitamin D: Vitamin D is so important for the immune system! It also helps with mood regulation. The best source of vitamin D is natural sunlight. Another good source is fish, like salmon and tuna.

Tip #3: Exercise: This goes hand in hand with Tip #2! Getting our children outside and exercising is huge for their immune system and overall health!

Tip #4: Get adjusted: This is the most important tip! Studies have shown that people who get adjusted regularly are 60% less likely to be admitted to the hospital. They spend 59% less days in the hospital if they are admitted. They have 62% less outpatient surgeries, and they spend 85% less on pharmaceuticals!

So many of our families that have been under care consistently comment on how they can’t remember the last time they were sick or that if they come down with a cold or flu, they recover much quicker than they used to before being under care. The same is true for their children who are under regular chiropractic care!

If you or your children are stressed, let’s be proactive about the situation and get it taken care sooner rather than later. That way you can be more productive, spend more time with your kids, enjoy a higher quality of life, and your kids can perform better in school, enjoy deeper relationships with their friends, and have a better chance at reaching their full potential!