A new school year is starting. This means most parents are starting to worry about their children becoming sick as they’re surrounded by so many other children and germs. Most parents are taught and believe that health is either good luck or bad luck.

Another child coughs near your child, there’s your cold. Another child has a virus and he sits next to your daughter in class, there’s your virus. Because of this thought process, most parents either;

  • try to avoid putting their children in those situations, or
  • throw drugs at the cold, flu, virus, etc. because that’s what they’re taught is healthy. They try to kill all the germs with drugs and antimicrobial solutions.

Is that really the best solution though? The more we’ve done that as a society in the past few decades, the more sick kids we have. The number of children who suffer with some type of chronic illness; asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, etc. is higher than it’s ever been. These children get sick every year, and when they get the common cold it’s not gone in a few days, it lasts for the entire winter. Is it really because of the germs? Or is it because of the stress?

There’s no denying that with each new school year comes new stress. Our children aren’t sleeping as much because they have to be up early to get to school on time. They’re sitting in class all day instead of playing outside soaking up vitamin D and sunshine like they have been all summer. The constant hustle and bustle of day to day life with school, homework, social pressures, and sports has their nervous systems in a stressed and overwhelmed state.

When the nervous system is overwhelmed the immune system becomes weakened, suppressed, and shuts down. It’s not that the germs are causing the colds and the flu going around, it’s that the child’s immune system is weak because of all the stress in their lives.

If the germ theory were true, then our office would be a nightmare. Dr. Michelle and myself would constantly be sick, fighting off some type of infection. We see plenty of kids all year round with numerous different colds and viruses. The germ theory tells us that those kids would transfer their germs to us and we’d become sick. Yet we can’t remember the last time either one of us were sick because we have strong immune systems and nervous systems. We get adjusted regularly to make sure of that, we eat healthy foods, and we exercise consistently. We do all the things necessary to make sure our nervous systems and immune systems are as strong and vibrant as they can be, keeping us healthy year after year.

It’s no fault of the parents. That’s what they were told from the very beginning. But the germ theory is simply not true. A healthy nervous system and healthy immune system is what keeps us healthy, not cleaning everything with antimicrobial soaps to kill all the germs.

To keep your child healthy this school year, have their nervous system assessed to see how it’s functioning and how it can be improved. That’s exactly what we do in our office every single day. The sooner we get started, the better our chances of success. Click the “Request an Appointment” button at the top of this page to get your child underway to their best school year yet.