Can’t say enough about Amplus Family Chiropractic. I started going in my first trimester because I wanted an easier pregnancy and birth experience. I’m an RN and wanted to be proactive. The first few months I felt worse and would get headaches, but I stuck with it and after about two months I was a totally different person. The headaches stopped, I had more energy, better sleep, and had hardly ANY back or hip pain. My husband and I were initially skeptical but we talked about it and I decided to jump all in. I can honestly say it changed my life. After seeing the change in me he was amazed and went and got scanned as well! I was active right up till the end of my pregnancy and I haven’t had any postpartum anxiety or depression this time around since sticking with my weekly adjustments. (Which is pretty remarkable considering I gave birth in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic!) My anxiety has improved, my body is more adaptable. I can’t recommend them enough! Dr. Michelle and Dr. Adam truly care about me and my family. Their approach is more gentle and completely unique from other chiropractors. They are TOTALLY dedicated to cutting edge care, up to date on the latest research, and experts in their field.