As the season of summer begins and another school year comes to a close, reflect back on the past school year and how your child performed. Did your child struggle with emotional challenges, focus, or behavior? Was your child constantly sick, fighting off one infection after another? Did their asthma and allergies flare up in the spring? Did your child have a meltdown because of the all the stress and academic pressure? If so, you’re not alone. This is the story for so many parents. So what do you do to help your child stay healthy and perform better in school? First off, it’s really difficult to help get your child out of that stressful cycle during the school year because they’re surrounded in that stressful environment on a daily basis.

The summer is the BEST TIME to get your child out of that cycle, and ahead of all the stress that comes with childhood so that they are further along and ready to adapt to all the stress coming at them in the next school year. Here’s a few reasons why the summer is best time for your child to break that stressful cycle;

  • Less academic pressure
  • More sleep and better sleep
  • Movement

During the summer, there’s less academic pressure which gives your child more space to get stress off of the nervous system. Of course, there might be summer classes or sporting activities, among other things, but the majority of the stress that comes during the school year is no longer present.

Your child also tends to get more sleep and better sleep during the summer. They don’t have to be in school early in the morning so they tend to get a little extra sleep, and the sleep that they do get is of better quality because there’s less overall stress in their lives. The lesser amounts of stress allows the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) to calm down, and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) to become activated, which leads to higher quality sleep.

Children also tend to move more during the summer months because it’s warm outside, they’re not sitting in class, and they’re out playing with their friends. Movement is extremely beneficial to our health. Movement has a calming effect on our bodies and helps the brain focus better, it also helps boost our immune system and helps our body to detox, not to mention all the great benefits of Vitamin D we get from natural sunlight.

All of these things are a great start to get your child on the right track for the upcoming school year, but they still might not be enough. Which is exactly why the summer is the BEST TIME of year to add chiropractic care into the mix.

We work directly with the nervous system in our office. The nervous system is the master control system of the body. When the nervous system is stuck in a sympathetic state, it’s very difficult to adapt to the stress in our daily lives. With the chiropractic adjustments we provide in our office, we work with getting the nervous system unstuck from that sympathetic state, which allows the body to better adapt to stress and heal.

With the added benefits of chiropractic along with the other benefits mentioned above, so much healing can take place in just the few short months of summer. This will allow your child to get ahead of the stress and start building momentum as the new school year gets closer. They’ll start so far ahead of the curve, and be more than ready to adapt to anything the new school year throws at them.