Anxiety is something we see in our kiddos far too often. It’s become extremely common. However, common does not mean it’s normal. Your child doesn’t have to struggle with anxiety throughout their childhood. There is a way for them to get the help they need without drugs and medications.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the Top 5 Signs that indicate a child is anxious and struggling with anxiety.

1. Roller Coaster of Emotions – They’re up and then they’re down… and you have no idea WHY! They have a short fuse. Their bucket is almost full all the time and anything triggers the bucket to spill over, they meltdown and cry. Shortly afterwards, they apologize and the cycle continues throughout the day.

2. Inflexibility – Anxious kiddos want to know what’s coming and to be prepared for it. There’s zero room for changes in their day and routine. Once a little older, they tend to be perfectionists and are fearful of failing and disappointing those around them.

3. Sleep Struggles – They just can’t seem to calm their brain down at the end of the day. They need all the snacks, water, and stories at bedtime before they finally pass out two hours later!

4. Stressed Out Systems – When anxiety is controlling your child’s everyday life, other systems can become involved. A common struggle we see is frequent stomach aches. Other systems we often see become stressed out are the immune system where your child gets sick often and can’t seem to kick the illness, the sensory system where clothing textures and loud noises are too much for them, and the muscular system with motor ticks and irregular movement patterns.

5. Confidence Challenges – This one hurts us the most to see. As that anxiety begins to run the show, your child begins to avoid sleepovers and refuses to let you leave soccer practice. Sometimes they refuse to participate in any sport or group activity with other kiddos all together.

If any of these sound like your child, we’d love to help! During your first visit, we’ll dive deep into case history and play “CSI” to connect the dots and determine exactly when, where, and why your child started to develop anxiety. We’ll then perform three neurological stress scans that are noninvasive and perfectly safe for anybody of any age. These scans will help us determine if there is stress stuck in your child’s nervous system that is contributing to their anxiety. These scans will show us where the stress is, how bad it is, and how long it’s been there. This information allows us to get very specific with how much care and how much time will be needed for your child to kick that anxiety to the curb and begin to thrive!

Mom and Dad, if your child is struggling with stress and anxiety, we got you! We know it’s stressful for the entire family. We know each and every day can be a struggle. Let’s get your kiddo scanned so you and your child can get the hope, answers, and help that you need!